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Scandinavian Expatcenter

We offer consulting services to companies and individuals regarding social security, pension and insurance solutions.

If you are an Expatriate or a Third Country National, you are most likely far from home. You are in need of Benefit Programs that provide you and your accompanying family with comprehensive medical care as well as access to the best hospitals, clinics and physicians.

In addition it is extremely important to have pension and insurance programs tailored for your specific needs as an international employee.

Please do remember your spouse and your children!

As an employer with Expatriates and Third Country Nationals, you most likely share the same focus.

Based on more than 20 year of experience with benefit programs for expatriates, ScandinavianExpatCenter offer expatriate consulting that includes:


Consulting areas and services

  • Sosial security
    • Home and host country
  • Pension and insurance policy
  • Salary
  • Pay roll
  • Accommodation
  • Home leaves
  • Education/kinder garden
  • Working hour
  • Holiday
  • Compliance Issues
  • Medical insurance
  • Disability cover
  • Life insurance
  • Accident
  • Travel insurance
  • Retirement pension
  • Solutions for accompanying spouse
  • Solutions for accompanying children
  • Political evacuation
  • Kidnapping/ransom
  • Immigration
  • Registration
  • House finding
  • Settling-in
  • Cultural and social
  • Network
  • Airport pick up
  • Driving license
  • Seminars